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Adding a second domain name to a Deluxe or Unlimited hosting plan

Although written for resellers who have there domains inside there own storefront and there hosting account on DomainResellerDirect, this tutorial applies in the same manner to people who have both Hosting and the domain in a reseller store.

This reseller assumes you have already setup your hosting for your primary domain name, and that you wish to add a second (or third, etc...) domain name on your web hosting account.

The steps we need to accomplish to have the hosting up and running

1- Obtain the IP address of our hosting
2- Point the Domain Name's A records to the hosting account
3- Add the domain to our hosting plan

Although this is a 5 minute process, it is broken down to as many steps as possible and is somewhat boring, please excuse the extreme detailed instructions as this tutorial is meant to be usable by anyone.

Here are the detailed instructions

1- Login to Domain Reseller Direct with your reseller username and password (Where the hosting account is).
2- Click the Hosting link on the left menu

Click the hosting link

3- Click on the blue text that has your primary Domain Name, in this example the primary domain is PrimaryDomainName.COM so we will click that

Click your primary domain name

4- On the right, you should see the details concerning your reseller account, What you need to do is to take note of the Dedicated IP address, if no Dedicated IP address is present for your hosting account (For example if you did not setup your SSL), you can take the IP of the server, Please note that if you do have a Dedicated IP address, you must take note of the dedicated IP, in the following screenshot, the Dedicated ip is yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy and that of the server is the one we want is obviously yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy (In your case it should be numbers like and not letters like we have here)

take note of your dedicated IP address

5- Now that we have the IP address of our hosting account, we will want to point our domain name to it, Please keep this browser window open to save time, and open a second browser window and point it to wherever you manage your domain name, in this example we will assume the domain name is managed at We will now need to login to EasyWebDNS with the username and password having this domain

6- Login at EasyWebDNS (Or your own domain reseller storefront) with the username and password used to buy the domain name.

7- Hover your mouse over "Domain Names" then click "My Domain Names" from the drop down menu, A list of all your domain names should appear.

8- From the list of all your domain names, Click on the domain name you want to host on your hosting account, in our case we will assume the domain name is


9- Once clicked, The domain name dashboard should appear, Click on the nameservers icon to change nameservers (If you can already see a clickable Total DNS Control) link in your domain's dashboard, you can skip step 9, 10, and 11).

Click nameservers icon

10- You should now be able to change nameservers, chose to Park your domain as in the screenshot, followed by OK

park your domain

11- Changing nameservers can take a minute, To refresh the Dashboard and see if the changes have been applied, Click the red Go button to refresh, We are ready for next step once the dashboard contains a Total DNS section

Click the red Go button

the red go button

Until you see a Total DNS section like the following

Total DNS control

12- On your dashboard, a link (Blue text) should read "Total DNS Control", click the link text to open your total DNS control page

Total DNS control

13- You should now see a control page such as the following, What we need to do now is to enter the IP address of our hosting account in place of the IP that is already assigned to this domain (Usually the parking IP address), So click the edit icon in front of the A record (Pencil and paper) as in the screenshot below (Icon marked in red)

Click to edit A record

14- In the screen that appears, you should now enter your hosting IP address, the IP address we took note of in step 4, the yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy or if that is not available the (Remember the actual IP is all numbers, the X and Y are for illustration only), then click OK.

Enter your web hosting IP address

15- Once done changing your domain name A record IP address, both and now point to your hosting account, but not, to point absolutely all subdomains to your hosting account as well, we will now create a wildcard A record, a wildcard A record is marked by an asterisk (*) so we will first click Add new A record

click add new a record

16- In the box that appears, enter * in the Host Name box and your IP address in the "Points to ip address", then click OK

Add a wildcard record

Once done, You should see something such as the following, instead of yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy you should see your hosting IP address, the one you took note of in step 4

final result A records

17- Now that we have pointed the domain name to our hosting account, we will need to add that domain to our hosting account, Let us log back in to Domain Reseller Direct with the reseller username and password, then click Hosting on the left (Exactly like in step 2), then clicking the "Manage Account Link"

Click manage account

18- Once clicked, you should see a large "Your Domains" button, Click on that button.

Your domain names

19- A list of hosted domain names should appear with your primary domain having a star right beside it, A "Add domain" button is above the list to the right

Click add domain

20- Once clicked, a menu will appear so that you can add the domain name, before we add the domain name, we need to create a directory for that domain, in this case i chose to create a new directory with the same name as the domain name, you on the other hand can create a directory of any name you wish, or select an existing directory as the web root for the new domain, the choice is yours

Click Browse

click browse

Chose an existing directory or create a new one (Here we will create a new one)

Create a directory as webroot

21- Now that we have created a directory, make sure that the first form field contains your domain name without the WWW and the other contains the directory we have just created or selected, then click OK to make your changes final

add domain

We are done, now you can upload your files to that directory via any FTP publishing application such as filezilla, and whatever is uploaded into the directory will be visible on this website



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