Basic Reseller $59.99

A Basic reseller account also comes with $75 in google adwords credits and $100 in Microsoft adCenter credit, You pay $59.99 and get $175 instantly.


Pro Reseller $119.99

A Pro reseller account comes with $100 in google Adsense credits and $100 in Microsoft AdCenter credits, You pay $119.99 (Codes) and get $200 instantly.


Free Basic Reseller $0

If you already have over 100 domains under management, or you clearly have the means to sell over 10 domains a month, You will qualify for a basic reseller account free for the first year.




What you can sell

Domain Services

  • Domain Names (Over 50 TLD's) from .COM's to local domains
  • Free Total Control DNS free with every domain your customers buy, Everything you expect from DNS starting with creating DNS records to creating domain name wildcards enabling advanced web services.
  • Private Domain Registration, This service usually costs around $9 But you have the choice of selling it to your customers for $1.94 for the first year, Or free with the purchase of 5 domain names, This can become a selling point for your Domain reseller business if you...
  • Domain Name Backorders - A Backorder service is a domain monitoring service that tries to capture the domain name the minute it expires and becomes available again.
  • Email 1GB mailbox Free with every Domain Name
  • 100 Email Forwarders Free with every domain name
  • domain forwarding Free with every domain name
  • Simple Hosting and Site Builder Free with every domain name

Web Hosting Services

  •  3 Shared web hosting plans in both Linux and Windows for your clients to chose from
  • Virtual private Servers or Virtual Dedicated Servers are a cheaper alternative to a dedicated server, Although you do share the hardware with others, Your operating system is separate from all others ...
  • Dedicated Servers
  • SSL Certificates
  • Website Builders - Simple and easy website building tools.

Email Related Services

  • Email hosting
  • Microsoft Exchange Hosting
  • Mailing Lists
  • Fax thru email
  • Advanced Calendars


  • Credit card e-store merchant accounts to enable your customers to sell online !

A sample active store

Cheap e domain name registry

Why DomainResellerDirect

Your turn key website is ready the minute you subscribe, No special skills needed, and for the extra skills that make the difference, we teach you them

Features delivered with every reseller account to help you sell.

  • Brandable Domain Reseller Turnkey sollution.
  • Customise the Reseller Storefront to go with your current products and services, Chose what to offer, For how much, and how your website should look like.
  • Free Premium Web Hosting so you can build pages to go alongside your turnkey domain name reseller solution for your visitors and for search engines.
  • Free AdCenter and AdWords credits with every reseller account so you can start promoting right away.
  • BEST buy rates in the industry!
  • No deposit, no advance purchases and no minimum sales required!
  • Our web designers and developers are not only here to help, But to build for you if you want, And are ready to answer any questions you may have.
  • DRD support is available to chat with you right here on this website, Before or after you become a reseller.
  • DRD will keep you informed on the latest trends.

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