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SEO for Domain Reseller Websites

SEO stands for search engine optimization, Something so vital to your reseller business it is worth reading very carefully, and then once done reading here, research more on the internet.

Some people prefer to Optimize there reseller websites for search engines, Others prefer to make parallel websites that attract potential buyers and advertise there reseller website from there, Some already have a relevant website that is already getting relevant traffic, in any case, SEO is one important thing you can only overlook if you intend to promote your website offline only.

Search engine optimization consists of 3 main parts, One of them technical that we will be more than happy to do for you, the others are about content (That you have to do) and getting people to link to you naturally (you also have to do), But fear not, we will explain what you need to do in detail and there is plenty of SEO content all around the internet for you to master the trade.

So enough of that, let us get down to business

As a Domain Reseller website owner, you usually need people coming to your website so that they buy, If no one comes to your website, no one buys what you have to offer right ?

There is more than one way to get people to your website, i will tell you all about it once i get some basic theory out of the way, please pay close attention to the following points as they will be useful to you once you start composing your website content.

Rule # 1: Traffic is not what we are looking for. Having many visitors on your website does not mean sales, The visitors on your website should be interested in Web technology, Domain Names, Web Hosting, e-commerce, and other stuff. In short, Interested potential Buyers are what we aim for, Not just any visitor

Rule # 2: The search engine keywords "Domain Names" and "Cheap Domain names" are out of reach unless you are a web guru already (If you were, you wouldn't be reading this now would you), Such high competition search terms are not a good starting point for anyone just starting a domain business.

Rule # 3: There are plenty of interested people who will come to your website if you know how to compose relevant niche content, if your content unique and in demand, it will sell.

Rule # 4: keyword pages and pages meant to mislead search engines do not work, You see search engines have developed into smart creatures lately, they can read web pages better than humans sometimes, they know what subject a web page is talking about and even tell you where this exact same subject is on the internet (Similar pages), So play clean and play nice, Search engines are not very forgiving to people who try to fool them.

Rule #5: Submitting your website to search engines is NOT important, Although it may help a search engine find your website, if your website is going to generate any traffic, the search engine is going to find it anyway, Lately, after google opted to become an ICANN accredited registrar, google now knows about your website as soon as you register your domain, So don't waste your time.

Rule #6: Do your own SEO, don't hire anyone to do anything but the technical stuff (That we are willing to do for you free), the reason behind this is that an SEO firm wants to show you your website in the SERPS (Search Engine Result Pages), get there money and leave, then more often than not they would have used techniques that are not so "According to guidelines", Once the guys at google or Yahoo find out, your website will probably be penalized, If you must hire someone to do SEO related activity, give them very specific tasks like "I want you to compose tutorials on subject x for me".

Rule #7: Your content must be sincere, it should serve a purpose, and the visitor should feel lucky to have found your website, We have been in this internet business for a long time, and every year, search engines get smart enough that "Taking existing content and adding no value to it" does not work, We will tell you what does work in this SEO tutorial.

Down to business

First, the technical aspect of SEO. (You can safely skip this as we will take care of it)

Search engines like websites to be composed in certain ways, they like to see some order in pages they visit, they like the content first, and they like everything else at minimum, Search engines like your pages to be standards compliant, and they like them to be well organized.

The more you move things to CSS files, the more a search engine will like your pages, But you need to strike a balance as well.

You see tables were not made for web design, they were meant to be used for displaying tabular data (Much like an excel sheet), i will not give you a history lesson but if you are interested, there is plenty of this on the internet, google it, Yet there is one important factor prohibiting us from going for standards compliance, that is the fact that IE6 is still on the market, Strong and on almost every Windows XP machine.

Internet Explorer 6 does not play very nice with much of the CSS content (peekaboo bug for example and many other bugs), and standards are not something that appears to have been high on the priority list of that browser, IE6 works best with tables, And that's just the beginning, IE5 is totally different story.

So in short, web standards are nice in theory, but a balance should be made between usability and compliance, Your website should be at least usable in legacy browsers while keeping search engines happy at the same time, Javascript is to be used carefully as well.

Two - Quality Content

To make a search engine send you interested visitors that could end up buying from you, You need to have relevant content.

As a rule of thumb, Content relevant to a "domain name and web hosting" reseller is any content a typical webmaster should come across while doing his or her job right ?

So what kind of content would that be i hear you ask.

When you think web, you think anything from DNS tutorials (Bind or MyDNS for example), HTML, CSS, Hosting, Photoshop for web designers, Using HTML authoring software, managing a website with CMS software, and the like.

So, the closer the content is to a "Web Designer or Web developer", the better, for example if we were to talk about content that has to do with the tools a webmaster is going to be using, Adobe photoshop would be a good choice, while Adobe Dreamweaver would be a better choice.

More to that, An article describing what Round Robin DNS is is an excellent choice, An article comparing round robin to other load balancing technologies is even better !

Composing for search engines is more like composing for someone who does not make much sense of abstracts, you need to spell things out on your pages, making everything as clear and straight forward as possible, this will not only benefit you in terms of SEO, it also eliminates allot of ambiguity in your writing, keeping your visitor first.

But that does not mean you should stuff your pages with keywords either, Search engines do not simply work by counting the keyword on your pages, they can see the context, and know what you are talking about.

Many people tend to ask Search Engines Questions rather than treating it as database index (Putting keywords and expecting pages containing the keywords), Search engines are good with english (And other) grammar and can reasonably comprehend where the answer to the question is.

Three - Promote yourself on the internet

Google was based on an algorithm called page rank, it is like a voting system where every page on the internet can vote for other pages by linking to them, this is less important today than it was 3 years ago (I think), but it is still very important, Other search engines seem to have picked up the trick and are doing this as well (Counting Votes).

But unlike the normal voting system where everyone gets equal votes, Pages with higher ranking (That have many links pointing to them and have quality content) can vote more effectively for a page, So a page at the Apache group website endorsing your page is far better than getting a link from 100 other website that are just starting out.

BEWARE buying any links, The robot/search engine will inform human moderators of things that look suspicious, and when a human visits a website and finds links that are no good, you get penalized, People should link to your content and not get paid to link to you.

Rather than forgetting about such algorithm that people had the tendency to abuse, Google for example decided to invest more in it so that it can distinguish between real content links and links that are simply there for a fee or for a link exchange, if you want to see one important technique they have invented to stop abuse of there system, See the rel="nofollow" attribute that can be appended to links for search engines to use..

Page Rank has come a long way in the last few years, you need people to appreciate your content and link to it, And maybe you should link to there content as well, Don't listen to what webmasters are saying about "Loosing your page rank when you link outside", although it is true to an extent, it is also not the only factor, and it is better that google finds your website natural rather than obsessed with SEO.

Now that you have a basic understanding of SEO, you may be interested in continuing to the SEO FAQ

"SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is probably the most effective, cost efficient way to promote your new reseller website, Yet with all the competition on the internet it is not as easy as it once was.

Let us start with the basics of SEO, then we will talk about them one by one.

1- Search engines want content, unique content.
As a fan of a reality TV show, i started a blog about a season and what i think of what is happening, it was a hobby more or less, and i didn't give much attention to SEO, Just placed 1 single link somewhere, yet google picked up the website the same day, Gave it good page rank in the google toolbar (Strange since no body would have linked to it this fast, and the website that linked to it had low PR), and started sending in visitors interested in the show, Everyone else focusing on the show was simply copying content and pasting it here and there and all they cared about was SEO and my website ended up first in a few days from the beginning of the season, all i did was write what i wanted to share, What i would have said if i was sitting with my friends talking about the idea of the show, or where the show stopped being so real etc...

2- Search engines like websites linked to from other popular websites

Most popular search engines take the number of quality inbound links into consideration, the higher the quality of the linker, the more benefit for the linked to website, But relevance is very important.

Link relevance: If you were making a website about cars, and Kia motors gave you a link, that link would do you much more than another you got from a popular pop star website although both have the same page rank, this is all theory, and simply my experience, no one outside the search engine knows the facts, and everyone speaks from experience.

So, what is relevant to your Domain Reseller website i hear you ask.
A link from a website all about web design is good, a link from a website all about web hosting is even better, A link from PLESK or CPANEL is excellent.

Link anchor text

The text you click on is a link anchor text, so a link like this one "Click Here" is not as effective as a link that reads "Learn more about SEO"

3- Use the tools your search engine gives you

For example, Google makes the Google AdWords Keyword Tool available to everyone, If you write the word "Domain" on that page for example, Google will inform you of what people are searching for that is related to domain names.

You may also want to make use of Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools and other tools any popular search engine gives you.


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