Basic Reseller $59.99

A Basic reseller account also comes with $75 in google adwords credits and $100 in Microsoft adCenter credit, You pay $59.99 and get $175 instantly.


Pro Reseller $119.99

A Pro reseller account comes with $100 in google Adsense credits and $100 in Microsoft AdCenter credits, You pay $119.99 (Codes) and get $200 instantly.


Free Basic Reseller $0

If you already have over 100 domains under management, or you clearly have the means to sell over 10 domains a month, You will qualify for a basic reseller account free for the first year.



What is the basic reseller program ?
The basic domain name reseller program gives you all the features of the Pro program, the one difference between the two is the Buy Rates

So, if you are not expecting to sell much at the beginning, this might be the one for you, once you have enough customers, you will benefit greatly from upgrading to a pro domain reseller account.

Basic Domain Reseller     

DOMAIN RESELLER DIRECT, provides the very best combination of pricing, products and support available anywhere!
Once you have more sales, increase your profits by upgrading to a pro reseller account

Getting started is easy - we supply the products, take care of billing and renewals, and back you with support and hand you the management tools… we've even built professional Web sites for you to choose from.

Complete, turnkey setup. Your site is up and running from the moment you signup! And, you can customize any one or all of the following...

  1. Pick the products YOU want to sell – Domains, Hosting, Servers, Email, Secure Certificates and much more. Activate the products you want to sell, and we'll automatically offer those products to your customers.
  2. Set the retail pricing YOU want. You set the retail price for each and every product, giving you total profit control. No deposit, minimums or advance purchases required.
  3. Customize YOUR Web site and shopping cart. Use the Design Wizard to personalize your site with your logo and images. Even customize colors for borders, titles, text and links. Uncomfortable designing your own? Pro Reseller comes complete with six custom designs and color sets. See a Pro Reseller Site.

Basic Domain Reseller     

We offer more
We only make money if you do, so our number 1 priority is to help you sell.

That's why we offer the following items with every reseller plan, And that is just the start

  • FREE Google® AdWords® Credit You only paid $59.99, But we are giving you $175 in google adwords and microsoft AdCenter credit, we want you to sell
  • FREE Traffic Blazer® SEO is probably the most effective way to promote your website, Easily prepare, analyze, optimize and submit your Web pages to Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other key search engines and directories.
  • FREE Deluxe Email Account Something to make you look as professional as can be to your customers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee We are so confident you will see the potential and see results, we offer you this guarantee
  • FREE 24/7 Support for You and Your Customers We handle all the issues, big or small. We're here whenever you or your customers need us.
  • FREE Secure SSL Certificate A secure certificate is a proven way to reassure your customers that any transaction with your site is up to 256-bit encrypted and secure.
  • FREE Reseller Handbook Not sure how to use all our products and services? Our handbook leads you every step of the way, including advice and instruction to make the most from your reseller storefront.
  • FREE WebSite Tonight Don't think you could build a Web site? Think Again. Simply pick a template, add your own photos or graphics and type your text. Hosting, more than 100 professionally designed templates and more than 1,700 custom, photographic images are included!
  • FREE Express Email Marketing® Keep in contact with your customers the spam-free and legal way. We provide the templates and help you generate the mailing lists.

Want more, We give you more
As you get things started, one of our web professionals will assist you in promoting your website.

Basic Domain Reseller     

A sample active store

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Why DomainResellerDirect

Your turn key website is ready the minute you subscribe, No special skills needed, and for the extra skills that make the difference, we teach you them

Features delivered with every reseller account to help you sell.

  • Brandable Domain Reseller Turnkey sollution.
  • Customise the Reseller Storefront to go with your current products and services, Chose what to offer, For how much, and how your website should look like.
  • Free Premium Web Hosting so you can build pages to go alongside your turnkey domain name reseller solution for your visitors and for search engines.
  • Free AdCenter and AdWords credits with every reseller account so you can start promoting right away.
  • BEST buy rates in the industry!
  • No deposit, no advance purchases and no minimum sales required!
  • Our web designers and developers are not only here to help, But to build for you if you want, And are ready to answer any questions you may have.
  • DRD support is available to chat with you right here on this website, Before or after you become a reseller.
  • DRD will keep you informed on the latest trends.

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