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Basic Reseller $59.99

A Basic reseller account also comes with $75 in google adwords credits and $100 in Microsoft adCenter credit, You pay $59.99 and get $175 instantly.


Pro Reseller $119.99

A Pro reseller account comes with $100 in google Adsense credits and $100 in Microsoft AdCenter credits, You pay $119.99 (Codes) and get $200 instantly.


Free Basic Reseller $0

If you already have over 100 domains under management, or you clearly have the means to sell over 10 domains a month, You will qualify for a basic reseller account free for the first year.




Domain Resellers

How it works

When someone buys Domain Names, Web Hosting or any other product from your reseller storefront (At a price you set), Domain Reseller Direct deducts the base buy rate from the sale, and the rest is yours, the base buy rate is fixed, and you are free to set the selling price (Above the base buy rate)

Domain Reseller Direct provides you with industry leading products at industry low buy rates, So that you can sell at a very competitive price while still making a profit.

Can you show me some sample Buy Rates ?

A pro reseller normally buys a .com domain name for $7.29, If a reseller opts in to a promotion selling .com domains for 7.49, the .com buy rate becomes $7.00, The base buy rate for a .net domain name is $5.99 to the reseller.

The base buy rate for Economy web hosting is $3.15 a month, This web hosting plan sells at a minimum of $3.99, Or in simple terms, selling at the minimum makes $10/Year in profit

A list of Buy rates and minimum sell rates is here

What is included ?

The Free items listed on the right are free with every reseller account, Summing up to more than $1100.

And to help you sell even better, DomainResellerDirect is always there to give you SEO advice on what works and what does not, We are available via Phone, Chat, Email, and the website, so that our resellers can have a competitive advantage over anyone else in the industry.

The most important offering with this reseller account is the price you get, In this regard, we let the numbers talk for themselves.

What do i need besides the reseller account to start my reseller business ?

The only thing left for you to buy besides the Domain reseller account is a domain name to host the account, You can always buy the domain name directly from your storefront as soon as you have a reseller account.

To sum things up, Besides the "Advertising Credits" that come with every reseller account, The turnkey website, The free web hosting account, and the array of tools that come with a reseller plan, Our talent is also included free of charge, Our web designers and developers will work with you on building a competitive website around your reseller storefront, Then, we can also offer you advice on how to spend your advertising credits (That instantly give you back what you paid for the reseller account).

What you get, Free with every reseller account

Pro Domain Resellers: $100 in google ad credits and $100* in Microsoft AdCenter credits $200
Basic Domain Resellers: $75 in google adwords credits and $100* in Microsoft adCenter $175
A web designer that will gladly design your logo and reseller website $200
SEO experts to help you generate search engine traffic to your reseller website $200
Deluxe web hosting for unlimited websites + Dedicated IP address $119
A secure certificate to secure your hosted website $28.99
Express Email marketing (Mailing list manager) $239.88
Website Tonight account, This is a website builder tool $122.76
Search Engine Visibility tool 17.74
30 day money back guarantee  
Total Pro Reseller $1128.37
Total Basic Reseller $1103.37

*AdCenter credits valid for U.S. residents only

Required skills ?

Just the "Average Internet User skills", Once you sign up, You are automatically given a turnkey domain reseller storefront, You can then login to your account and change the colors, graphics, Menus and texts (With our wizard interface), After that you can set pricing, Products to offer, and your payment information. We then can come into the picture and do more setup for you, We provide you with free web hosting so you (And us) can build a custom website around your reseller website.

Our web designers and programmers will build you a website to your taste, and you are good to go, All you need to do is market it.

For programmers, we will be supplying PHP tools that you can use on your website to check domain availability for example, we will assist you in integrating them into your shopping cart, and work with you on whatever it is you mean to achieve.

Marketing Domain names and web hosting is hard, Is it not ?

Indeed it is, But we have plenty of tricks up our sleeves to give you an advantage over the competition, Your competitive buy rates may be just the beginning.

We will be contributing with everything in our power to get you selling, from guiding you through SEO, and helping you make use of all the tools we offer and develop, Even if your expertise is not in web technology, We can show you how to get search engines to send potential buyers your way, All what is left for you to do is to make use of this knowledge and get your reseller business up and running.

How do i get paid ?

The difference between the price you charge your clients and the price we charge you is sent to you by check whenever your earnings exceed $100, they can also be deposited directly into your bank account.

How much are others resellers making ?

Some resellers on this system are already making over $20,000 a month, this may not be a realistic figure for most, But dedicated resellers are already doing it, Others are making good incomes by simply following a few simple methods and mixing them with some of there ideas, And success is not restricted to the tech savvy resellers

Can you give me an example of how others are selling ?

Although a simple sample website, EasyWebDNS is selling by adding content that interests Web professionals like designers and System Administrators, By adding Photoshop tutorials, Linux tips and tricks, Information about the Domain Name System, and other content, EasyWebDNS gets visitors from search engines free (Organic search results), The users Easy Web DNS attracts are usually internet professionals and excellent potential buyers, this how Easy Web DNS gets customers to buy from that reseller storefront.

Easy Web DNS functions as our test lab, we learn what works and what does not by running a reseller website just like the one we offer to our resellers, so that we can later pass this information to you, our client

Should i go with the Basic or Pro reseller plan ?

It depends on what your storefront is for, If you are for example a small web host, with less than a few hundred clients, and need a domain reseller account to go with that hosting service you offer, We would advise you to take the Basic Reseller route, as the base buy rate price difference would probably not cover the difference in the Reseller Plan Fee, If you would like to make a stand-alone business out of your Reseller website, Pro is certainly the way to go.

With a Pro reseller account, you can provide some of the lowest rates available on the internet and still make a profit, The basic reseller plan has its place, but if your main product is the Domain Reseller Business, Go Pro.

Bottom Line

Domain Reseller Direct only makes money when you do, We will do all we can to make sure you can sell, all we need from you is to work with us on maketting, We will provide you with the tools you need, the advice you need, and the talent you need to build a reseller buisiness.

You can chose your target market, Make websites that target a certain audience by language, Geography, Interest, or other factors, You call the shots, and we help you implement.

You can see a list of products you can sell here; you can also see a sample website at and our FAQ page here

The Plans

A free Basic reseller account is available to select customers, If you can sell and you can prove it, You can get our Basic plan free.
The PRO reseller plan provides you with maximum profit once you reach a certain target, If you only want to sell to a very limited number of people, the basic plan may be the one for you, in all other cases, the PRO plan should be the way to go.
The basic plan is only suitable for those who intend to sell limited quantities and need branding, this plan has a higher buy rate (To you), And therefore you can not make cheaper offers, Click here to see more about the limitations of this Domain and Hosting basic Reseller Plan

A sample active store

Cheap e domain name registry

Why DomainResellerDirect

Your turn key website is ready the minute you subscribe, No special skills needed, and for the extra skills that make the difference, we teach you them

Features delivered with every reseller account to help you sell.

  • Brandable Domain Reseller Turnkey sollution.
  • Customise the Reseller Storefront to go with your current products and services, Chose what to offer, For how much, and how your website should look like.
  • Free Premium Web Hosting so you can build pages to go alongside your turnkey domain name reseller solution for your visitors and for search engines.
  • Free AdCenter and AdWords credits with every reseller account so you can start promoting right away.
  • BEST buy rates in the industry!
  • No deposit, no advance purchases and no minimum sales required!
  • Our web designers and developers are not only here to help, But to build for you if you want, And are ready to answer any questions you may have.
  • DRD support is available to chat with you right here on this website, Before or after you become a reseller.
  • DRD will keep you informed on the latest trends.

Click here to see a list of services you can sell